Life of the BARty is more than a bartending service.

Our staff is excited to create and execute the cocktail menu of your dreams for your next event! Life of the BARty knows the difference between a "simple menu," and a "one-of-a-kind" cocktail menu that specifically caters to you personally and your theme. Our bartending services will elevate your event with a professional bar, bar decor, and experienced certified bartenders. Our staff brings more to the table than just a tasty beverage. Life of the BARty-tenders create a fun and energetic atmosphere that sets us apart from the rest. 

ABOUT THE OWNERS: Elyse and Jonathon Montanez started this business in the Summer of 2019.

Elyse began her professional career as a sales associate for a department store in Temecula at the age of 16, where she learned key factors of customer service, professionalism, and attention to detail. At the age of 17, while working at a restaurant in Temecula, she met her future husband and business partner, although she wouldn't know it for another 12 years. As her future husband moved on to bigger and better things, Elyse climbed the ladder of this restaurant for the following 13 years, while almost always having a second job as well. The day Elyse turned 21 she insisted on becoming a bartender where everything she thought she knew about beverage knowledge and multitasking was laughable, but she fell in love. Throughout her journey, Elyse has achieved above and beyond customer service, compassion, empathy, problem solving skills, multitasking, and most importantly-- how to create a slue of delicious cocktails. After years of hands-on training and personal experience, Elyse and Jonathon's decision to start a mobile bartending business of their own was a no-brainer. Elyse takes incredible pride in what she does, and it shows!  

Jonathon attended National Bartenders School - Riverside, CA. in 2006; where he learned the textbook understanding of how to properly create a cocktail along with learning the history, compositions and laws of alcohol. Jonathon took this knowledge and began doing backyard bartending gigs and would continue to over the following 13 years. Jonathon has worked customer service based businesses since his first job as a hotel front desk representative at 16. He would go on to work in various fields with a heavy focus on management and client satisfaction. Before graduating from San Joaquin Valley College in 2010 with an A.S.; Jonathon had the privilege of working at one of Temecula's premier wineries where he would spend his full time learning as much as possible about wine and often participating in the harvesting and wine making process. He would also become the liaison to the events management and would be frontline for the major events and concerts that were hosted often catering to the talent, handling audience direction and trouble shooting technical and personnel issues. Although Jonathon now spends his full time position as a marketing and public relations manager for a local corporation; he has only grown his love for entertaining, pouring drinks and educating people of all walks of life. When Jonathon and Elyse were married, it was no shock to anyone when they started Life of the BARty; a mobile bartending service. Their combined education and real world experience coupled with their entertaining personalities and entrepreneurial spirit formed this new venture based on love and fun! Jonathon and Elyse love spending time with their family- four beautiful children, three dogs, and  a cat. Family is, and always be, their number one priority. This dynamic duo are fun, energetic, and quite literally, bring the party! 

Life of the BARty proudly joined the "Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce" and "Valley Young Professionals" in January 2022. Elyse joined "Professional Women's Roundtable" in December 2022. All of these outstanding organizations offer an incredible opportunity to support local businesses and truly give back to our beautiful community.